Welcome to my 'Hub' where I publish content primarily about GatsbyJS, an open source framework based on React

Gatsby is an open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast secure websites and apps. It is a Static Site Generator that uses powerful configuration to build a website the uses only static files for incredibly fast times. It utilizies the cross-platform GraphQl query language for queries with your existing data.

Gatsby Delivers...

Modern Web Technologies

Use the newest technology tools to build your website with React.js, Javascript, CSS, and the Cloud.

Headless CMS

Bring your data from anywhere you want, using Gatsby extensive plugin ecosystem including Contentful and Cloudinary.

Static Files

Forget about servers and databases. Gatsby builds your site as 'static' files to be deployed to a number of services.

Future Proof

Use JamStack technology. The future of the web is mobile, Javascript and CSS using web apps and prerendered Markup.

Progressive Web Apps

Gatsby only loads the HTML, CSS, data, and Javascript needed, so your site loads as fast as possible.

Blazing Fast

Your pre-built static files are stored in global cloud servers ready to be deliverd instantly when requested.